Behaviour Change Trainings

Our trainings are designed to equip you with the latest insights, strategies, and tools to drive meaningful and sustainable behaviour change within your organisation.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your expertise or a team leader looking to inspire change within your organisation, our trainings are tailored to meet your needs. With a focus on practical applications and evidence-based strategies, they provide you with a roadmap for success in navigating the complex landscape of behavioural change.

Join us on this journey and unlock the transformative power of behavioural science to drive positive change in your professional or personal life. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming training opportunities with detailed programmes.

Behaviour Change Training

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Training Courses in 2025

Join our exclusive five-week training course! Limited to only 12 participants per course, our hybrid event combines virtual sessions with in-person training in Cologne.

Immerse yourself in the world of Behavioural Innovation in spring, summer, and autumn 2025.

Spring 2025:

Behavioural Innovation

Date: 07.03.2025 – 05.04.2025
(07.03. / 14.03. / 21.03 / 28.03. / 04.04. / 05.04.)

Price: 1,800.00 € p.p.
(with early bird discount 1,700.00 €)

Summer 2025:

Behavioural Innovation

Date: 06.06.2025 – 05.07.2025
(06.06. / 13.06. / 20.06. / 27.06. / 04.07. / 05.07.)

Price: 1,800.00 € p.p.
(with early bird discount 1,700.00 €)

Autumn 2025:

Behavioural Innovation

Date: 05.09.2025 – 11.10.2025
(05.09. / 12.09. / 19.09. / 26.09. / 10.10. / 11.10.)

Price: 1,800.00 € p.p.
(with early bird discount 1,700.00 €)

Training: Behavioural Innovation

The Behavioural Advantage: Using Behavioural Insights for Innovation

With our dynamic training course you will explore six exciting modules that will guide you through the world of behavioural innovation.

Participants will first delve into understanding behavioural design methods, followed by learning how to plan and execute behavioural innovation sprints virtually. They will then explore the details of behaviour journey mapping, and also learn about creating psychological safety for innovation. The training wraps up with two in-person days where you will apply your new skills in real-life situations.

You will discover how to unlock your organisation’s innovation power and leverage the behavioural edge in your innovation strategies.

The training is based on six modules

  • 1
    Understanding Behavioural Design Methods (virtual)
  • 2
    Planning and Implementing Behavioural Innovation Sprints (virtual)
  • 3

    Using Behavioural Journey Mapping (virtual)

  • 4

    Creating Psychological Safety for Innovation (virtual)

  • 5
    Integration and Application (in-person)
  • 6
    Evaluation and Continuous Learning (in-person)

Who are the target groups for this training?

  • Change Management Practitioners

  • Human Resources (HR) Professionals

  • Organisational Development (OD) Specialists

  • Leadership and Management Teams

  • Project Managers and Change Champions

  • Learning and Development (L&D) Professionals

  • Cross-Functional Teams

What will you take away from this training?

This training course will help you learn how to use behavioural science to make positive change in your organisation.

You will take part in interactive sessions and hands-on activities to understand how to create effective interventions, encourage innovation, map out behavioural paths, and build psychologically safe environments for change.

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