Behaviour Change Consulting
Leveraging Behavioural Science for Organisational Change and Public Policy.
Leveraging Behavioural Science for Organisational Change and Public Policy.

Behavioural Leeway

We make behaviour change.

We offer expert advice to organisations and policymakers, using insights from behavioural science to design human-centred solutions for managing change, fostering innovation, and shaping public policy.

Behavioural Leeway refers to the ability of individuals to adjust their decisions and behavioural choices in specific contexts. We harness this adaptability to develop effective behaviour change strategies.


We provide strategic advice and tailored training.

We analyse behaviour to provide strategic guidance and training for organisations. Our focus is on aiding decision makers with the design of behaviour change strategies that resonate with the needs and preferences of individuals and teams. It is our business to help key stakeholders find and implement the right strategy to alter behaviours effectively, both at the micro level and across the organisation.

Our behaviour change strategies are always people-focused. They are based on a combination of science-backed frameworks and innovative behavioural design methods. We are keen to support the evolution of organisational cultures, where leveraging behavioural science becomes embedded in organisations‘ DNA.


  • Behavioural Change Management

  • Behavioural Innovation

  • Pro-Environmental Behaviour Change

  • Behavioural Public Policy


  • Virtual and in-person training formats

  • Development of behavioural intervention skills

  • Topical behavioural design trainings

  • In-house trainings for corporate teams

Behavioural Change Consultant


We use research to shape behaviour. Effective and ethically.

We offer tailored strategic advice to support leadership that champions psychological safety, encourages experimentation, and promotes green behaviour.

Our approach combines research from behavioural economics, sociology, motivation science, decision science, and environmental psychology. We use this research to craft interventions and strategies aimed at actively shaping human behaviour.

We use behavioural insights to understand the specific forms of behavioural adaptability in your organisation.

By mapping out the leeway for behaviour change, we can develop targeted interventions that are tailored to the unique needs and dynamics of your organisation.

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We analyse behaviour and map behaviour journeys to uncover cognitive biases, norms, and psychological factors that may hinder or ease behaviour change.

We make use of choice architecture principles to structure the organisational environment and decision context.

Changes in choice architectures need to align with individual or group preferences. This creates an environment for better choices. It also fosters context-specific freedom and engagement.

We create interventions that focus on people. Our approach is guided by theory to explain how and why interventions can help change behaviour effectively.

We make use of behavioural insights to design nudges, incentives, and communication plans. Our strategies are bespoke to suit diverse behaviours in organisations and resonate with different groups of employees.

We use behavioural design thinking to work together with individuals or teams to co-create change strategies. Making the design process truly collaborative by including diverse viewpoints and ideas is a central concern for us.

Behavioural prototyping lets us test the scalability of behavioural interventions. It does so by simulating real-world scenarios and assessing their effectiveness in different contexts.

We focus on empathy, teamwork, and evidence-based decision making to create interventions that boost positive behaviour change. Our approach follows the OECD’s guidelines for using behavioural science ethically to drive behaviour change.

Behavioural Science Solutions

What Makes Behavioural Leeway Unique?

  • We translate scientific insights into behaviour change strategies.

  • We design interventions to enhance decision leadership and team performance.

  • We combine change and innovation know-how with applied behavioural science.

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